shotofwebsiteWe have compiled a list of links we feel are valuable in helping to answer many of the questions we receive from parents. Please click on any of the names to visit their web sites.





American Academy of Pediatrics

American Academy of Pediatrics Oral Health Recommendations

Autism Speaks

Autism Speaks 100 Day Kit: A Guide for Families after an Autism Diagnosis

CDC Travelers' Health

Christopher Donovan Center

Drug Use/Abuse Resources

Drug Prevention Tips : What to Say at Every Age

Teens: Drug Abuse and The Brain

Safe Harbor Cohasset Coalition

Duxbury FACTS

Hingham Substance Abuse Coalition 

Hull Alliance for the Prevention of Substance Abuse (HAPSA= Hull, Hingham Cohasset, Norwell)

Marshfield Drug Task Force

Scituate: Families Adolescents and Communities Together against Substances

Fedration for Children with Special Needs

Food Allergy/Anaphylaxis Network

Genetics Home Reference- Understanding Genetic Conditions

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Commission of MA

Healthy Children

Keeping Babies Safe

Lactation and other Resources for New Families

Massachusettes Family Ties

Massachusetts Family Voices-MassHealth Registration Assistance

Massachusetts State Autism Resources  

Mass Advocates for Children

Massachusetts Health Care Proxy  Form

Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency

Massachusetts Community Emergency Management Director list by town

Poison Control Center

REACH Educational Services

Safe Kids Worldwide

Scituate C.O.R.S.E.

Seaside Mothers of Multiples

Sound Advice on Autism

South Shore Hospital  

US FDA Safe Medication Disposal

Vaccine Information

Young Men's Health

Young Women's Health



Below are the names of specialists to whom we routinely refer for specific medical needs or concerns. For medical issues that require specialty care, you should always contact our office to discuss referral requests prior to making an appointment with a specialist.

childrenshospitalsiteWe refer to specialists in whom we have confidence and who communicate with us regularly about our patients' needs. As a member of Affiliated Peditric Practices we have access to specialsts from Mass General Hospital for Children. For additional sub-specialty services, we also coordinate care with South Shore Hospital, Boston Children's Hospital and Tufts Medical Center,  BU Medical Center.

South Shore Area Specialists

Mass General Hospital for Children

Pediatric Dentistry

South Shore Children's Dentistry

Additional Behavioral Health Therapists

South Shore Coalition of Independent Therapists




KidsDoc- CPR, choking and other First Aid How To's, lists Emergency Phone Numbers and shows you the nearest Emergency Room


AAP Asthma Tracker for Adolescents for iphones

Self-help for Anxiety Management (SAM) app

CDC Milestone Tracker app


Screenings and Questionnaires






Vanderbilt Parent

Vanderbilt Teacher