Medication Refills

If your child needs a refill for a prescription medication, please call us during regular office hours and ask for the Refill Line. Our voice mail system will prompt you to leave the following information: your child’s name and date of birth, name of the medication(s) to be refilled, prescribing physician’s name, pharmacy name and phone number, and your name and phone number in the event that there are questions regarding your refill request.

We generally require five to seven business days to process requests for refills of controlled substances such as stimulant medications (i.e. Ritalin, Adderall, etc). We recommend you call with 5 days advance notice for all medications prescribed by our Developmental Behavioral Physicians to insure the doctor is available should there be any questions. Some of these medications require insurance prior authorizations, others have been unavailable due to shortages which may require a substitute medication. Certain medications cannot be abruptly stopped, therefore calling 5 days in advance assures you will not run out of medication.

Other medications for General Pediatrics may be refilled within one to two business days. Please do not expect a call from our office once medications have been called into the pharmacy. You should call your pharmacy directly to confirm that your medication is ready.